Jackson EMCServing 194,000 customers in northeast Georgia, Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) is invested in energy efficient new home construction. Any homes that meet the Right Choice Savings Program standards are eligible for significant benefits from Jackson EMC. All of the following incentives are currently on offer:


  • Energy efficiency rebates
  • Reduced cost or free underground service
  • Review of the HVAC system
  • Inspection and high-tech performance testing by trained technicians
  • State energy code RES-CHECK compliance certificate
  • A one-year comfort warranty and three-year HVAC energy usage warranty backed by Jackson EMC


The best way to qualify for this Jackson EMC program is to make sure the new home construction is as energy efficient as possible. One way to help guarantee that is to invest in an HVAC system as energy efficient as possible. This makes a geothermal heat pump a solid choice. Thanks to stable subsurface temperatures, a geothermal heat pump is more than 100% efficient. They are a solid step forward when it comes to qualifying for this and other rebate programs.

Contact Jackson EMC for more information on the Right Choice Savings Program.

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